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Video is Rocket Fuel for Learning

Real learning doesn't start until you start using video to watch yourself. In this course, Jim Knight explains different ways video can be used as rocket fuel for learning by coaches, by teachers to improve their own practice, by teams, or by principals as part of the teacher evaluation process. We are convinced that if you make video a part of your own learning, coaching, or evaluation process it will dramatically improve the quality of professional development and as a result teachers will learn more and, consequently, students will learn more.

Instructed By
Jim Knight
Jim Knight
Topics Covered
The Power of Video
Getting Started with Video
Creating Conditions for Success with Video
How Video Can be Used by Coaches
Partnership Principles
The Impact Cycle
Setting Goals
How video can be used by Teachers
Video to Measure Engagement
Gathering Data
How video can be used by Teams
Facilitating Teams
Success Criteria for Teams
How video can be used by Principals
Video and the Evaluation Process
Creating a School Culture That Promotes The Use of Video
Course Outcomes

Learn how to harness the power of video as rocket fuel for learning.


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Radical Learners offers asynchronous courses that you are free to enjoy on your own time.

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Radical Learners courses are carefully priced to fit educators’ personal budgets. Because of this, we do not offer group discounts.

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Created by Jenny & Jim Knight, with collaboration from their team at The Instructional Coaching Group, Radical Learners is based on 20+ years of instructional coaching research. Learn more about ICG at www.instructionalcoaching.com.

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